Head of International Large Scale Assessment, Analysis Department, Swedish National Agency for Education, Stockholm, Sweden 2016 (current) – Managing director of data collection, analysis and reporting of ICCS, PIRLS, TALIS, TIMSS, TIMSS Advanced and PISA in Sweden. The team has a staff of seventeen researchers.

Guest researcher and teacher at Istanbul Boğaziçi University, Turkey 2016 (spring) – Research on Internet governance and teaching the summer course POLS 477 “Media and globalization”

Independent researcher at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, Turkey 2015/2016 – Comparative research on contemporary authoritarianism and Internet governance

Guest researcher at Amsterdam and Leiden University, The Netherlands 2015 (spring) – Research on contemporary authoritarianism in the projects “Authoritarianism 2.0” at Leiden University and “Authoritarianism in a Global Age” at Amsterdam University

PhD Candidate, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden 2009-2014 – Research in Political Science focusing on open government initiatives in China

Researcher (intern), Institute for Growth Analysis, Beijing, China 2009 – Research on energy security in China for a Swedish government agency

Coordination Teamleader, General Electric, Stockholm, Sweden 2005-2009 – Directing the coordination of technical service delivery in Scandinavia with a focus on RIS and PACS (information systems)

Recruiter, Greenpeace, Malmö, Sweden 2005 – Face to face recruiting of members for Greenpeace in southern Sweden

Teacher, Tunaskolan, Lund, Sweden 2000-2002 – Teaching English at elementary school


Linnaeus University – PhD Political Science 2014

Melbourne Deakin University – Political Science 2012

University of Ljubljana – ECPR Summer School of Experimental methods 2011

National Taiwan Normal University – Chinese 2010

Reykjavik University – International law 2010

Beijing Language and Culture University – Chinese 2009

Shanghai Fudan University – Asian Studies 2004

Lund University – MA Political Science 2004


Media and Globalization (summer course) – Boğaziçi University – Istanbul, Turkey 2016

The Rise of Modern Asia, entry level, Gothenburg University – Gothenburg, Sweden 2013

Comparative Politics, entry level, Linnaeus University – Växjö, Sweden 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

International Relations, entry level, Linnaeus University – Växjö, Sweden 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Comparative East Asian Politics, intermediate level, Linnaeus University – Växjö, Sweden 2012

International Security and Foreign Policy Analysis, intermediate level, Linnaeus University – Växjö, Sweden  2010


Global Relations Forum – Istanbul, Turkey 2017

OECD TALIS Governing Board – Lisbon, Portugal 2017

IEA NRC Meeting – Hamburg, Germany 2017

The Tenth Nordic Conference on Middle Eastern Studies – Odense, Denmark 2016

E-Governance in Asia: Strengthening Transparency and Accountability? – Lund, Sweden 2015

Annual meeting of the Swedish Political Science Association – Lund, Sweden 2014

Focus Asia: Open Spaces and Closed Doors. The Internet in China – Lund, Sweden 2013

CIRC11, China and the New Internet World – Oxford, UK 2013

Annual meeting of the Swedish Political Science Association – Stockholm, Sweden 2013

ANU Online participation and deliberation in China – Canberra, Australia 2012

Annual meeting of the Swedish Political Science Association – Växjö, Sweden 2012

ISA Power, Principles and Participation in the Global Information Age  – San Diego, USA 2012

MEARC Digital East Asia – Leiden, the Netherlands 2011

ECPR Summer programme of Experimental methods – Ljubljana, Slovenia 2011

Annual meeting of the Swedish Political Science Association – Gothenburg, Sweden 2010

“Should States Ratify Human Rights Conventions?” – Reykjavik, Iceland 2010

Annual meeting of the Swedish Political Science Association – Örebro, Sweden 2009

TALAWO GE Lean Service Delivery – Nice, France 2007


Swedish (native)

English (excellent, TOEFL IBT score 112 out of 120)

Chinese (good, PRC BLCU 中级上, ROC TOP 基礎級)

German (elementary)

Spanish (elementary)